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Senior Back-End Engineer


We're looking for a strong Senior Back-end engineer. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Right Balance applies the latest technology and best engineering practices to help businesses grow. We’re in the top 50 companies to watch in LA.

Project Details

We are building a fintech lending marketplace that gives equity-earning employees liquidity and provides investors with a lucrative way to invest in pre-IPO equity. While the potential financial reward is immense, the benefit to start-up employees may be even greater.

We currently have startup partners with an aggregate valuation of over $40B ready to use our platform. In addition to solidifying our product market fit, our leadership team has a proven track record of success and our co-founder is the founder of a decacorn. We have taken the conscious culture pledge to ensure we hold a high cultural bar as we scale. Join us, it will be fun!

What’s in it for you

  1. Learn and evolve your skills using the latest and greatest technology tools in a rapidly growing company.
  2. Learn from the best engineers. We constantly challenge the status quo and invent new ways of building a great product.
  3. Flexible hours. Just join daily standups, sprint planning, and retrospective meetings. Other than that you’re in control of your own schedule.
  4. 100% remote. Work anywhere, whether it is remotely in the comfort of your home, in a shared co-working space, in an RV on the beach, or while being a nomad in another country.
  5. Work on challenging problems, innovate, impacting lots of people's lives for the better while having fun doing it.

Required Qualifications

  1. 5+ years of software engineering back-end experience with any back-end framework. Our tech stack is Node.js, Typescript, and GraphQL, but expertise in any backend languages or technologies is acceptable.
  2. Solid Typescript Experience, using it in production.
  3. 1+ year experience using any SQL database management system.
  4. Experience building scalable, consumer-grade APIs. Preferably with GraphQL.
  5. Experience working with Distributed Systems and Microservices in the cloud (AWS, Docker, and Kubernetes preferred)
  6. Experience working in test-driven development environments.
  7. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  8. Ability to work autonomously
  9. Collaborative with a focus on an iterative approach to problem-solving
  10. Bias towards action and desire to work in a fast-paced environment.
  11. Experience building complex, data-driven websites
  12. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  13. Good software engineering fundamentals

Nice to haves

  1. Automated testing
  2. Knowledge of code complexity, big O notation
  3. React.js experience
  4. 1+ years of Nest.js experience
  5. Knowledge of the vocabulary of financial terms, in a FinTech context
  6. Experience with FE testing packages like Cypress and Enzyme

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your typical clients?

The majority of our clients are venture-backed startups in the growth stage. Usually, at this stage, the company already achieved a product-market fit and is looking to expand rapidly. That’s where we bring the best engineering practices, strong architecture, and the latest technologies to help companies scale.

What is the length of your engagements?

Most of our long-term full-time engagements last multiple years so you are able to grow your career with the company you are currently working in.

What’s your company size?

The Right Balance team has 60+ engineers going to 100+ by the end of the year. It’s exciting to be a part of a solid engineering team making meaningful contributions.

What happens if the engagement is completed?

Most of our engagements are long-term in nature. That said, if the current engagement is ramping down, we’ll present you with more long-term opportunities to transition into.

What are your core values?

  • Client First: we only win when our clients win. We treat client challenges as our own.
  • Ownership: we embrace responsibility, taking on challenges, getting them to completion, and enjoying getting things done.
  • Quality: we’re passionate about achieving quality outcomes by applying meticulous attention to detail.

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