Senior Full Stack Engineer


We're looking for a strong Senior Full Stack Engineer. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Right Balance applies the latest technology and the best engineering practices to help businesses grow. We’re in the top 50 companies to watch in LA.

Engagement Details

Our client is a rapidly growing SaaS startup that raised a $25.9M Series B round funding. They enable the world’s top real estate agents and brokers with award winning websites and cutting edge technology to manage their online presence. Moving fast to be a one stop shop for everything from websites to marketing services, they are already the official website partner to powerful brokerages like Compass, Corcoran, Sotheby’s, and Coldwell Banker.

As a Senior Full Stack Engineer, you will design, build, test, and deploy web products with React.js frontends and micro-frontends, Node.js microservices on the backend, all using your favorite Javascript full stack all the way. You’ll build seamless user-facing features, implement reusable components, scalable scalable infrastructure on AWS using Terraform and Kubernetes hosting thousands of small business websites online. Your contributions will be impactful and it won’t be boring, joun us!

What’s in it for you

1. Work with the latest and greatest technologies for a venture-backed startup. 2. Learn from the best people. We constantly challenge the status quo, learn from each other, and invent new ways of building a great product.

3. We actually write automated tests. We take advantage of the latest automation tools like automatic deployments, CI/CD pipelines, and more.

4. Flexible hours. Just join daily standups, sprint planning, and retrospective meetings. Other than that you’re in control of your own schedule.

5. Work remotely at the comfort of your home or a shared co-working space. 6. Work on challenging problems, innovate, have fun while doing it.

7. Travel around the world. We offer occasional business trips to work with our clients face to face from their offices.

Required Qualifications

1. 5+ years of full-time hands-on developer experience.

2. 4+ years Backend experience. We use Express.js but Java, .NET, Ruby on Rails, Python or Go are also acceptable.

3. 1+ years of React experience in production.

4. 1+ years of SQL experience

5. Able to have a conversation about technical details speaking and writing English in real time.

6. Experience with data-driven architecture and systems design, RESTful APIs, microservices architecture.

7. Proficiency utilizing SQL, in-memory and distributed SQL (e.g. PostgreSQL, MySQL, AuroraDB)

8. Experience integrating with 3rd party APIs, external frameworks, and libraries 9. Unit testing experience

10. Embraces the concepts of Agile Scrum software development and its related collaboration and issue tracking tools (e.g. Freshworks, JIRA, Rally)

11. Experience working in a Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) model, including Github and CI pipeline automation tools

12. Proven success working in Agile environments (Scrum, Kanban, etc.)

Nice to haves

1. Design patterns experience.

2. Scalable architecture experience.

3. GraphQL experience.

4. Expert-level understanding and implementation of cloud-native architectures (AWS serverless or containers preferred) at scale in production.

5. Solid understanding of Dependency Injection.

6. Experience with Software as a Service (SaaS), multi-tenancy application development.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your typical clients?

The majority of our clients are venture-backed startups at the growth stage. Usually, at this stage, the company already achieved a product-market fit and is looking to expand rapidly. That’s where we bring the best engineering practices, strong architecture, and the latest technologies to help companies scale.

What is the length of your projects?

Most of our long-term full-time engagements last multiple years.

What’s your company size?

The Right Balance team is 10 - 15 engineers. The current client team size is 30 engineers expanding to 50 engineers by the end of this year . It’s exciting to be a part of this growth making some meaningful contributions.

What happens if the engagement is completed?

Most of our engagements are long-term in nature. That said, if the current project is ramping down, we’ll present you with more long-term opportunities to transition into.

What are your core values?

We value autonomy, grind, empathy, mastery, and giving back to the community. We expect you to be autonomous, working directly with the client to build the best product. We value hard work, helping each other, constant learning, open-source contributions, and knowledge sharing.

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