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Emotive - 10+ High Caliber Engineers
FatTail - 20+ Engineers Hired
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20+ engineers from Latin America hired on a very aggressive timeline


FatTail is a leading software company specializing in online advertising globally who’s rapidly expanding their clients. New clients require new features. To meet client’s expectations, FatTail was looking to rapidly hire 30+ engineers.


Augmenting the FatTail team with available engineers helps FatTail to jumpstart the development of new features. Then continue to bring the best and brightest by utilizing a large pool of talented engineers and a world-class technical interview process along with proprietary AI technology.

Gerry Bates

“Right Balance has helped FatTail scale our development organization to meet our growing needs. They have provided us with access to talented engineers on a very aggressive timeline which has helped us to deliver features required by our expanding client base.”

Gerry Bates, CTO @ FatTail (20+ years of experience in AdTech)


Having clear hiring criteria coming from an experienced industry veteran CTO Gerry Bates, helped FatTail quickly connect with the technical Right Balance team to maximize the quality and speed of securing great talent. By relying on a heavy amount of technical screening by Right Balance, FatTail was empowered to make fast hiring decisions on the same day of the FatTail interview to extend offers quickly and ahead of competitors. In a short amount of time, FatTail acquired 4 new engineers in less than 2 weeks. Sourcing continued to bring the best and brightest engineers at volume as well as adding QA and DevOps roles.


20 quality resources added in 3 months including Software Engineers with .NET, SQL Server, Azure experience, QA engineers, and DevOps engineers all from Latin America. Hiring engineers from Latin America improved the timezone overlap, increasing the quality and the amount of communication between the team members. Right Balance continues to work together with FatTail as a reliable source of quality engineers delivered at high speed.

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