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Alex Tamoykin

  • Coder since 5th grade of elementary school

    • Hands-on even today

  • Dual degree in Computer Software and Computer Hardware

  • 16+ years of industry experience

    • Led engineering team at AwesomenessTV ($100M acquisition by DreamWorks)

    • Consulting for post-series B startups in LA (Tala $204M in funding, Fair $2.1B in funding, and more).

  • Precisely identifies technology leaders' needs

    • Coming from a hands-on CTO background, Alex identifies the exact needs of technology leaders to provide quality resources fast.

  • Identifies the best and brightest for your team

    • By having first-hand experience working across the stack, Alex deeply understands the core qualities, skills, and motivations of a great technology professional. By utilizing our interview process based on years of research from companies like Google and Amazon, Right Balance brings other quality technology professionals into your team at volume.

  • Provides technical expertise and strategic connections

    • Staying at the forefront of technology innovation leverages knowledge, experience, and strategic advisory network to provide the best practices for clients.

  • Living in California with his wife and two kids

    • Besides 150% focusing on Right Balance, Alex spends time with his family, exploring the beautiful beaches, deserts, and mountains of California.

  • Ping pong champion

    • Two times corporate division champion of the corporate league of Los Angeles Table Tennis Federation.

  • Former rapper

    • Have 3 solo rap albums back in the day.

Ruben Escarzaga

VP of Technical Operations
  • Former coder

    • Coding Java backend back in the days before going to the “dark side” of business operations.

  • Hardware and software geek

    • An early adopter of new apps and devices. Always improving the remote office and the smart home setup.

  • 20+ years of experience in the information technology industry.

    • By being a generalist with an entrepreneurial spirit, he’s been involved in multiple aspects of the IT industry starting from being a coder and working with computer hardware to leading the operations.

  • Working together to meet your roadmap

    • He’s a central point of contact for your organization to continuously provide and engage quality resources to meet the feature roadmap as well as stakeholders’ expectations.

  • Sourcing technical talent for technology leaders

    • Starting from sourcing and candidate presentation, all the way through the onboarding and ramp-up, Ruben’s operations team helps engineering leaders to secure quality technical talent each step of the way.

  • Connects the best and brightest to your opportunities

    • Ruben finds the unique advantages of the opportunity to join your team and aligns it with the right candidate’s long-term career goals, extending offers ahead of competitors.

  • Gamer

    • Playing new games coming out on Play Station 5

  • Rock Star

    • Former singer and guitar player of a punk rock band.

  • Grill Enthusiast

    • Grilling and living in sunny Guadalajara, Mexico with his wife and daughter.


Andrea Briceño
  • Fosters the community of technology leaders.

  • Provides valuable content for tech executives and engineers.

  • Keeps your opportunities at the top of mind for engineers around the world.

Rene Arvizu
Account Associate
  • Sources and engages talented engineers for your team.

  • Introduces the right candidates for your consideration.

  • Saves you time by facilitating candidate interview scheduling.


Altenor Gonçalves

17 years of experience as a Developer working with Serverless, C#/ NET, Backend Javascript, React and QA automation

André Pereira

10+ years of experience working with Javascript (React, Angular, Vue) and Python (Django, FastAPI) for over 5 years.

Christian Hess

Software Engineer with 12 years of experience programming in Python, Javascript, Django and React.js.

Elias Sarachik

More than 10 years software development experience, working mainly with C#/ .NET, also has skills on React, Angular, Express and Serverless.

Federico Apelhanz

Software Engineer with 11 years of experience focused on backend programming in Python (Django, Flask) as his primary direction throughout his career.

Gabriel Del Arca

17+ years of total experience with QA manual and 3 years of QA automation (Cypress). Also has 8 years of SQL and 3 years of NoSQL.

Neder Nasser

Software Engineer with 19 years of total experience, 15 years of .NET, 4 years of Angular and PHP, 2 years of Node.

Paulo Cain Celeste

Software Engineering professional development for over 8 years, working with C#/.NET for 7 years and also Java frameworks, like Spring, as well as with Angular in the front-end.

Renato Pacheco

Software Engineer, have 10 years of experience in software industry, delivering new features on frontend using React and Typescript and using Express and working with Clean Architecture.

Ricardo Cardoso

QA Engineer with 10 + years of experience on QA Manual and QA Developer, and specific with Cypress, Selenium and Cucumber

Victor Fernandes

Engineer with 7 years of experience with Java, 10 of Android Development, 4 year with iOs/Swift, also working with Backend Javascript, Angular and C#.

Vlad Smirnov

Software Engineering leader with 8 years of experience, working with technologies as Python, Javascript/Typescript (Node.js, Angular, React/Redux), Ruby, PHP, SQL (PostgreSQL, MySQL) and NoSQL (Redux, MongoDB).

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